About the Brand

Kristofer Kongshaug's vision is the definition of contrast living. His signature resides on the knife edge of haute couture tailoring, luxury street-fashion, and the avant-garde with a focus on New Tailoring. Kristofer Konsghaug  proposes a silhouette in perfect accordance with the brand. The craftsmanship and design of each piece is evident and never stops at its facade.

The works are pieces of thoughts, illusions of life. Each garment has a story to tell, each collection is a chapter of a book that is all based on the idea of timeless design. Architectural garments, which represent shields of passion, body armors that protect the soul within. With anatomical features, his Norwegian origins are translated through the power of the cut, and the strength that can be accomplished through individual style without ever being scared to express emotion.

All apparel product is made in Belgium with European fabrics.